PAINTING WITH ACRYLIC - Tutored Workshop with Lorelle Boyce


SATURDAY  23rd November 10.00AM TO 3.30PM

Painting With Acrylic will be tutored by Lorelle Boyce, Lorelle has been painting, exhibiting and selling her art for 30 years. Lorelle enjoys painting Australian wildlife, flowers, landscapes and seascapes and is continually experimenting to add new techniques for teaching purposes. Her work has found its way into private collections in Australia as well as to Japan, New Zealand, USA and South Africa.
Suitable for beginners to advanced students, Lorelle’s Acrylic Workshop is the perfect way to develop your painting and get your art to the next level. 

Lorelle will take you through the acrylic process and techniques. This workshop will include painting a Grass Trees Landscape

Cost -

$34.00 per person for Ipswich Art Society Members

$39.00 per person for Non Members

You will need to bring your own art materials.

Easels and work tables will be supplied together with tea, coffee and light refreshments, BYO Lunch

HOURS….10.00 AM TILL 3.30 PM.

WHEN….. Saturday, the 23rd of November

WHERE… THE OLD IPSWICH COURTHOUSE (Cnr Roderick and Easts Sts. Ipswich.) entry at rear via Ginn St.

Spaces will be limited so please contact us with your booking at:-



              Workshop material list 


Held at The Old Court House (Ginn street rear entrance) cnr East and Roderick Streets , Ipswich.

Members are invited to come along to the regular weekly Tuesday Untutored Art Group held at the Old Ipswich Courthouse to join other members and enjoy some quality time to share ideas and interact with other artists.

Cost $5.00 per person.

Bring your Art and your lunch, coffee and Tea provided


Held at The Old Court House (Ginn street rear entrance) cnr East and Roderick Streets , Ipswich.

Come along to our Untutored Art Group held at the Old Ipswich Courthouse to enjoy some quality time and share ideas and interact with other artists.

Open to everyone, the second Saturday of each month.

Cost $5.00 per person.

Bring your Art and your lunch, coffee and Tea provided

RUGGED LANDSCAPE SCENES using Acrylic Paints and Mediums


Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th February, 2020 (2 Days in total)

Hours: 9:00am - 12noon: Lunch break: 1pm - 4pm. (6 hours daily) 


“Rugged Landscape Scenes” 

Adding colour and light to your paintings 

The Old Ipswich Courthouse, (Cnr Roderick and Easts Sts. Ipswich.) entry at rear via Ginn St.

Overview (Using Acrylic paints and mediums)


Objectives: Improve and expand students existing knowledge and skill levels while building confidence with the use of Acrylic paints and mediums as they paint Landscape exercises under the supervision and expert assistance from Don Milner. Grow and improve their general painting abilities. E.g. How to choose, manipulate and develop suitable images into fabulous paintings ..(What to include and what to leave out and why) Colour mixing from a select colour palette, brush and painting techniques, perspective and much more... 

Subject, theme and purpose: (Landscape) This workshop is designed to familiarize students with the many specialist techniques and skills required to create a great painting filled with light and atmosphere. Don will lead students through easy to learn, carefully considered painting exercises as he shows them how to capture the unique character of their subject. Learn ‘perspective made easy’, understanding of colour mixing, brush techniques, palette knife painting and lots more. 

I am very familiar and comfortable with Acrylic paints and mediums and feel that I can offer all students expert guidance on all aspects of using them. I am also very familiar and comfortable with the challenges of painting a good painting and this workshop comes with a comprehensive set of specially tailored exercises designed to maximise each students learning.. 

Brief: Are you an artist who has always wanted to paint rugged Landscapes filled with life, light, drama and atmosphere? Then this workshop will be an amazing artistic journey of growth and discovery for you. Join Don’s painting workshop and he will explain and show you how he does it so you can be creating fantastic paintings of this inspiring subjects sooner. Apply his easy methods & learn how you can include them into your own paintings process. 


DAY 1: (Saturday, 15th February, 2020) Introduction:-

Quick overview of course and Introduction and intentions 


Commence with introduction and overview of the workshop 

The Landscape

* Introduction exercise.. Getting started with an introduction to 

various elements of the landscape and consider colour choices.

* Create and render a graduated sky and rugged rock formations.

* All students now paint their exercises using techniques Don has described. (Using Acrylic paints and mediums..) 


Quick revision of morning 

* Don does demonstration painting to illustrate techniques that all 

students will follow

* Continue to work on class exercise applying techniques introduced in the morning session

 * Add rock structures, grass and trees to your paintings 


DAY 2: (Sunday, 16th February, 2020)

Review and more painting:- Brief review of Day 1 and an overview of Day 2.


Demonstration on brush techniques to create grass and foliage 

* Continue painting exercise from day 1 

* Use of a palette knife for more immediate and textural effects 

* Glazing techniques for more intense colour using mediums 


Quick revision of morning exercises 

* Students continue landscape painting exercise to completion 

* Don demonstrates each step along the way of the process 

* Review and summary of workshop with Q & A time. 

* Impromptu mini exhibition of workshop paintings

Note: Easels, tables and refreshments will be provided, please BYO lunch and Art Materials as per the Materials list

To view some of Don's work visit his online Gallery at 

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Materials List

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The Old Courthouse Cnr East and Roderick street Ipswich, Qld, 4305